Welcome to the XVI International Conference On Lactoferrin 2023

Structure, Function & Applications

Lactoferrin, a multifunctional cationic iron-binding glycoprotein, is constitutively synthesized by exocrine glands and by neutrophils following induction. The multitargeting functions of Lactoferrin can be dependent or independent from its iron-binding ability.
Although Lactoferrin is classified as dietary supplement, a critical point is that commercial Lactoferrin preparations suffer from a lack of standardization, often resulting in an endless debate on its actual efficacy.
Since 2017 onwards, the Lactoferrin Conference has pointed out the importance of quality standard assessment for commercial Lactoferrin products in terms of iron content, integrity, glycosylation pattern, presence of isoforms and contaminants. This topic will be also critically discussed during the 2023 Conference.
In the last three years, several studies about the in silico, in vitro and vivo efficacy of Lactoferrin towards SARS-CoV-2 infection and related pathogenesis have been published. One of the main aims of the 2023 Conference will be to better disclose the molecular mechanisms at the base of Lactoferrin functionality, as well as to discuss about the clinical outcomes.
A lively discussion will greatly contribute to increase Lactoferrin potential therapeutic applications on human health and wellness.

Members of International Scientific Committee on Lactoferrin